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Our private tours are a great way to travel to the DPRK if you want to have a more personal experience, fix your own dates, travel at your own paces, or explore specific aspects of this fascinating and complex country.

With over 40 full days of possible sightseeing, and hundreds of sights — ranging from grand monuments and exhibitions of an industrial power to secluded landscapes and pristine natural beauty — there is much to see and do away from the usual routes.

Sign up for a first-hand experience of Korea’s ancient past and modern revolutionary history, its unique architecture and socialist art, its traditional customs and modern culture, and much more. New locations and activities become available each year, and our private tours team will be able to advise on the latest options that best fit your particular interests.

Once on tour you will be on your own, or with the group that you put together, and without a Koryo staff member. You will, however, still be accompanied by two Korean tour guides — even if you are a party of one — as per the current rules and regulations of tourism to the DPRK.

We offer a range of private tour options to accommodate travellers of different budgets and interests.

Our Chollima Express Tours are two to three night set-itinerary budget tours that aim to provide travellers with a well-rounded introduction to both traditional and modern Korea at an affordable cost.

Our Koryo Classic Tours allow for more in-depth itineraries, tailored to your specific requests and interests, and staying at standard hotels, while Deluxe Tours include flight upgrades and the highest comfort on tour.

From time to time, we also offer special offers and experimental tours based around specific events, themes, or activities.

Your next steps for arranging a private tour:

If you think a private tour is for you then the next step is to fill out the form above to start the consultation process with our in-house experts. Feel free to look at the group tours for inspiration, or download our brochure for more information on possible destinations and activities. The form below contains links to pricing details and transport from Beijing, Shanghai, destinations in northeast China, and Vladivostok.

If you just want to get going then simply fill out the basic form — below — and one of our DPRK travel consultants will get back to you within one full working day. If you have a strong idea of what you're after then there are more detailed sections for you to fill out as you see fit.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Our consultants are waiting to work with you to create your perfect tour, and walk you through the booking process.

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